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Our extensive menu is more than just fish and chips

Yes, we do really good fish and chips and we are rightly very proud of that. Here at Friar Tucks our menu includes a battered sausage, saveloys, Pukka pies, selection of burgers, sourthern fried chicken, scampi, fish cakes and a range of accompaniments such as mushy peas, gravy and curry sauce. All the food that we offer on the menu is made to order and so there may be occassions when it takes just a few moments longers so when you do get your food home, it is nice and hot.

If you want your fish freshly prepared by either frying, steaming or within a gluten free batter, we can do that as well. Our friers use vegetable oil and use frying ranges to ensure that our chips hold the least amount of fat content, down to 6%!


Our chips are prepared in-house, daily using locally sources potatoes

Regular £1.70
Large £2.60
Cheesey Chips
Regular £1.90
Large £2.80
Chip Butty
Small £2.20



All the fish we serve is ocean wild and sustainably sourced, prepared using only the best ingredients in our regular and gluten free batters. We can also prepare your fish fried and steamed.

Small £3.80
Medium £4.50
Large £6.30
Medium £4.60
Large £6.30
Medium £4.70
Large £5.80
Medium £4.70
Large £6.00
Whole Tail Scampi
9 Pieces £3.70
12 Pieces £4.90
Cod Bites
3 Bites £1.70
6 Bites £3.20


6 Pieces £2.50
Doner Wrap
Small £4.20
Doner Meat & Chips
Spicey Chicken Wings
4 Pieces £2.20
6 Pieces £3.30
12 Pieces £6.00


Meal Deals
Family Meal Deal £18.00
Medium Cod, any pie, 2 x sausages, 6 chicken nuggets, 2 x large chips, 2 small sauces and 1.5 ltr bottled drink.
Mini Meal Deal £3.50
Mini Meal Deal with can £4.00
OPTIONS: 3 cod bites, 3 chicken nuggets, sausage, fish cake and savaloy.
Served with chips
Senior Customers Deal £4.60
All day
Cod, Chips and a sauce
OPTIONS: Mushy peas, Curry sauce, baked beans or gravy.


Small Bites
Lincolnshire Sausage
Small 95p
Jumbo £1.90
Small £1.40
Jumbo £2.00
Battered Mushrooms £3.00
Cod Roe £1.65
Battered Burger £2.30
Pea Fritter £1.60
Onion Rings £3.00
Fish Cake £1.50
Homemade Fish Cake £1.80
Pineapple Fritter 90p
Bread Roll 50p
Giant Spring Roll £2.80



All our burgers are made to order, fresh and are served with lettuce, tomato and a sauce of your choice.

Beef Burger
6oz £3.50
12oz £4.50
Chicken Burger
6oz £3.80
Vegetarian Burger
6oz £3.60
Added extras to you burger
Cheese 30p per slice
Bacon £1.00 per slice


Southern Fried Chicken
1 Piece £1.50
2 Pieces £2.80
4 Pieces £5.20
6 Pieces £7.20
Chicken Chunks
3 Chunks £2.20
6 Chunks £3.80
10 CHunks £6.20
Roasted Quarter of Chicken £3.60
Chicken Wraps £3.70
Battered or Southern Fried
Served in a tortilla with lettuce and mayonnaise


Pies, Sauces and Drinks
Pukka Pies
Steak and Kidney £2.80
Beef and Onion £2.80
Chicken and Mushroom £2.80
Curry Sauce
Small 90p
Large £1.50
Small 90p
Large £1.50
Baked Beans
Small 90p
Large £1.50
Homemade Mushy Peas
Small 90p
Large £1.50
Cold Cans 90p
500ml Bottles £1.50
1.5 ltr Coke / Diet Coke £2.00
Bottled Water £1.30